Apropos | discover. together.  

Turning the Internet into a collaborative learning space.

Apropos facilitates educator and learner discovery, acquisition, curation and critique of academic and online content with standards-aligned instructional prompts.  With Apropos, educators engage their classes with visually rich, problem based, standards-aligned activities that inform assignments, augment lesson plans and simplify online inquiry all available on-demand. Educational programs gain a collaborative activity tool that enlivens the curriculum, personalizes learning and leverages IT investments.

Apropos supports and supplements any curriculum, supporting any standard, using its innovative and easily extended activities.  Using any search engine, content repository or web site, learners and educators assign, find and incorporate Apropos activities on any device. Learners share, take notes, vote and comment on others' submissions directly within the activity. 

Educators create their own prompts, choose from the instructional activities or modify the activities available within Apropos. The resulting reporting and analytics are available real-time, exposing the most popular curated content in any Apropos-enabled subject area and providing a rubric for assessment.

Apropos Components

Apropos is a cloud-based, modern web application with separate interfaces for educators and learners. We have built the solution to support teaching and learning as a standalone application or deployed as an integrated tool on platforms such as Learning and Instructional Management Systems.  We integrate using OAuth, our RESTful API-driven architecture and Learning Tools Interoperability.

We consider data privacy critical, Apropos does not collect or share any Personally Identifying Information about students.  We use aggregate and anonymous data from all users to learn about the performance and efficacy of our product, but we do not share data with any third party beyond our customers.