Apropos | educator and learner centered.

Collaborative learning, shared discovery and the ability to turn any curriculum into a blended curriculum.

Starting with what we thought was a challenge and an opportunity, the team conducted an initial concept mapping and brainstorming. From there, discovery, design, validation via focus groups, user testing and expert reviews occurred, and we then moved on to development.  Great products are informed by tight loops of user feedback. Apropos is quickly evolving and we want to share where we are headed. Informed by focus groups, usability tests and actual use, we are excited to share the design that will be incorporated into Apropos shortly.

Apropos is one of the most intriguing applications I have seen offered in online learning in some time. It provides faculty and instructional designers with the ability to creates rich, dynamic student interactions based upon delivery of targeted content in any discipline. The fact that this is accomplished in real time is all that much more impressive.
Notably, the developers have applied best practices in learning science to create a highly intuitive interface that minimizes cognitive load, while optimizing content delivery.
— Phil Ice, Ed.D. | VP, Research & Development | American Public University
Getting this generation engaged is key to helping them be successful learners. Their world is shaping the way they learn and Apropos really capitalizes on that fact.
— Scott Walthour | CIO | University of Findlay