What is a pilot account?
A pilot account provides you an opportunity to try Apropos and use it with your learners. The pilot account is valid until 30 August 2015. At that time, you will have the opportunity to purchase Apropos at a discount.

How much does a pilot account cost?
There is no cost for a pilot account.

What if I want to integrate Apropos into my learning management system or another platform?
Apropos is designed to be a stand-alone application or integrated into another system or platform. For the pilot, you can integrate Apropos and we can provide some basic assistance. For anything that would be beyond basic integration, we would be happy to assist at a small cost. Please contact us for additional information.

What is required of me to participate with a pilot account?
There are no requirements to participate with a pilot account. We will periodically ask you to complete surveys and participate in a focus group as to your use and experience with Apropos.

How will I learn to use Apropos?
We will be offering multiple professional development offerings from button pushing training as to the mechanics of Apropos to creating lessons and facilitating collaboration in your classroom.

In addition, we have numerous help videos to provide reminders as to the use of Apropos.

What if I need have questions or need help?
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

What about data collection?
First, we will not share the educator information with any third parties. We will only contact you to provide information that you've requested, or content to which you are subscribed.

Second, we do not collect any learner personally identifiable information (PII). We only see aggregate information about Apropos sessions. Please visit our privacy and data collection in the professional learning community for more information.

What are the technical requirements?
Apropos works on any web-enabled device, or any computer, smart phone or tablet that has an internet browser like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. For this release, we do not yet support Microsoft Internet Explorer. Note that learners with mobile devices can use Apropos on cellular networks; they don't need a wi-fi connection to participate.

Does Apropos block inappropriate content?
Beyond any technologies used by schools to block content locally, we offer two types of protection against malicious or inappropriate content. When learners use Google to search the web, we deploy Google SafeSearch to block adult content. When learners enter a URL directly to Apropos, we ensure that these URLs are not a part of any of the web domains (or websites) on our blacklist as an integral part of our application.