We enrich learning – delivering educator and learner centered education technology products that enable personalized learning and transcend yet supplement curricula eliciting critical thinking, collaboration and creative problem solving using modern methods of communication.

We Build

We build products that enable learners and empower educators. Starting with this foundational approach, we are able to understand the problem, approach users, implement features and develop professional development assets that support educators and learners in their collaborative learning. When learners take control and participate in their instruction, the desire to learn, grow and achieve becomes reality.

Collaboration tools are readily available in the consumer and enterprise marketplaces; however, collaborative learning and problem solving tools do not commonly exist in education and solutions largely cobble together external approaches rather than focus on how a teacher and a class interact in real-time.

Co-existing or standing alone within the education ecosystem, our products leverage existing technologies. Our solutions integrate into learning, instruction or other education management software working with institution or learner supplied devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.).

How we integrate

How we integrate

Educators – with little or no training – can engage learners in activities that support core curriculum while applying 21st century skills as defined by ATC21S, UNESCO, OECD, P21 and the European Commission.