Apropos selected as a CODIE finalist: Best Educational App for a Mobile Device #edtech #collablearning

Continuum Education is stoked to announced that Apropos was named a finalist for the 2014 SIIA Education CODiE Awards for "Best Educational App for a Mobile Device".  The SIIA CODiE Awards are the premier award for the software and information industries.

Learner Choice, Part 5: Value Networks, Facilitated Networks, and How They Signal Change in Education & Training Programs #edtech, #collablearning

Technology and policy have come to enable the demand of a new class of products for programs.  These make networking a more integral part of learning experiences and create new interaction models that can define and differentiate programs.

Big Data: A Key to Personalization

The potential of use of big data and learning analytics to change education is huge. Capturing data form many sources, in many contexts and of many types, has the likelihood to help education stakeholders better differentiate and individualize instruction – providing greater capability for the personalization of learning in the classroom. The more granular and individualized the data collected, the more this becomes a possibility.

Learner Choice, Part 4: #Apropos and the Difference between Recall & Retrieval #edtech #collablearning

In this post, we start looking at Apropos, our collaborative learning application built around a group search activity.  Search “sessions” begin with a search prompt from educators.  Learners then search the Web, query Gooru’s educational resource collection, or provide links to their own files in relation to the prompt.  When the search phase is over, the group can discuss what they have found, prune or rank the results, and then save everything for future reference or further instruction.

Headed to ATP's Innovations in Testing Conference #atpconf

We are excited to attend and participate in the upcoming Association of Test Publishers 2015 Innovations in Testing event in Palm Springs.  The conference is the leading industry conference, Innovations in Testing brings together assessment industry professionals from clinical, occupational, certification, licensure and educational practice areas.