Continuum Education Review - #1

We have been pretty busy in recent months and look forward to creating these updates, this is our first. Speaking of firsts, Continuum Education participated in our first “Run or Dye” 5K for charity, it was colorful to say the least.  Mid-month we will celebrate our one-year anniversary! It's hard to believe that our first full year of being in business is coming to a close. It has been a whirlwind to say the least!

From Idea to Product

Apropos, what is it in 2 minutes or less. Here it is in 1 minute 08 seconds!

We have created a truly unique education product.  Apropos turns the Internet into a collaborative learning space. Apropos offers a collective search activity that has been built to ensure learners and educators, K12 and Higher Education (HE), seamlessly blend technology into their classroom lessons.

Our product, Apropos, is now in beta and pilots are underway throughout the United States and abroad. With our first release completed earlier this summer we have been busy incorporating enhancements, new features and performance updates based on focus groups, usability testing and feedback from users. All of this has culminated in Apropos, our collaborative learning tool, as a product. For as many times as we have done product development in our collective careers, it's a very different experience when creating it right alongside our company. Even though there is a process and a recipe for success when it comes to entrepreneurship, theory and practice couldn't be farther apart!

Apropos began its journey from idea to product last October and we plan on releasing it for general availability in January 2015. If you are wondering why we would wait when it seems ready to go, it is because in Education we need to have research, references and data about how Apropos performs in a classroom environment. Unlike enterprise or consumer products we need to have independently validated data about the performance and efficacy. with this research data, schools and districts can apply federal and state funds to purchase Apropos.

To ensure that we have a venue for engaging our users around best practices, resources and other materials we have created a comprehensive professional development site available at If you are interested in seeing a demo of Apropos in action, let us know and we will be happy to follow up.

Local Involvement

We are taking the time to get involved with our technology and entrepreneurship community. Jill is leading a meet-up of Central Coast (Santa Cruz & Monterey) education technology leaders right here in on the coast. It’s our goal to ensure our community is aware of the companies and leadership in our local area that focus on the $22.8 billion EdTech industry.  

Our next newsletter update will be after our launch in January but we will update our digest regularly.