Apropos: New Release

The Continuum Education team is excited about our December 2014 release.  We think you will be, too, check out the highlights…

Social Logins

You can now use your Google+ or Facebook accounts to get an Apropos account. Go to apropos.continuumedu.com, which is our login page for the app.  You’ll find the familiar Facebook and Google+ icons there.  If you would like to create an account without social log-in navigate to our account page and create it there.

We are only taking the bare minimum from these social networks.  We won’t take data on your friends, contacts, hobbies, star charts, or favorite movies.  We only take the email address and password to let you log in, and we won’t share these credentials with anyone.

Session Reports

Apropos is getting even more interesting with these reports.  Educators can now look at the results of a Session in great detail.  Available are all of the web pages that learners shared, the curriculum standards associated with the Session, statistics on how learners participated, and the search terms they used. 

Capturing the search terms is a big deal.  Apropos, among other goals, has the aim of helping educators better understand how to help their students search and to see how they think through problems.  This simple step of showing you search terms is the first step towards helping educators teach how to retrieve relevant and useful information online, an absolutely fundamental skill in digital literacy.

As we like to say on our team, learners drive the content in Apropos.  Educators drive the outcomes.  These reports let you see how everyone did in their roles of searching, sharing, discussing, and curating as a group.

To let educators share the results of a session with anyone, we’ve added a public version of the report.  This report removes all Personally Identifying Information (PII) on students and focuses on the basics:  the search prompt, the learner curated results, and the curriculum standards involved.  It’s anonymous and, therefore, safe to share with anyone.  With parents, for example.

Learner Search Options

We’ve added something to the Learner side of Apropos as well.  In addition to using Google to search the Web, Gooru Learning is now a search option.  Gooru maintains an outstanding collection of over 28 million learning resources, purpose-built for education and free to anyone to use. 

Hats off to the Gooru Learning team and the tremendously important mission they serve:  to honor the human right to education.  We suggest having a look at their website, there is a lot more there.

Curriculum Standards for our Friends in K12 Education

We support American Common Core standards and the Australian Curriculum standards so that educators can associate any standards from these to their Sessions. 

To make the standards handy for Educators to retrieve and assign in a hurry, we’ve developed “folders” for standards.  In short, each federal curriculum has hundreds of standards, too many to easily browse.  Our approach is to let you collect a set of standards that you know you’ll want to use in a folder, and then you summon those folders when choosing one or more standards for a Session. 

Thanks for reading, everyone!  We take requests and listen to feedback.  Please let us know how we can build a better Apropos for you!