Onward to SXSWedu!

Jill and I have submitted proposals for consideration at the 2015 SXSWedu conference held in Austin TX March 9-12th.  We have put forward two interesting topics that underpin Continuum Education’s perspective on issues that drive our company and shape our product development.  

I have submitted a Future15 proposal, a short, prepared presentation about Learning Together with Collaborative Search.

While all learning is personal, it is also shared. 21st Century Skills frameworks offer ways to incorporate collaboration and shared discovery of relevant content for instruction. What happens in systems that include proprietary and creative commons content, diverse repositories, content from the web and information that is derived from within apps? Creating a collaborative search experience enables students to learn these skills and educators to create activities within diverse environments.

Jill submitted a proposal for an ambitious panel that will dive deeply into What Does Collaborative Assessment Really Mean? 

21st Century Skills frameworks discuss collaboration, communication & teamwork. Assessing collaboration proves challenging & the 2015 PISA exam will measure collaboration. The panel focuses on different perspectives of collaborative assessment - creation within the digital social networks & tools to empower educators. For collaborative assessment to be realized a change in mindset must occur & understanding the data necessary to assess collaboration for the group & individual is necessary. 

Her panelists will include:
  + Jill Abbott, Continuum Education
  + Helen Soule, Partnership for 21st Century Skills
  + Daniel Ingvarson, Aprina
  + Douglas Stein, Victory Productions - Metacog

Community voting accounts for 30% of the final score for each session proposal. Another 40% is contributed by the SXSWedu Advisory Board, and the remaining 30% is from SXSWedu staff evaluation. In short, your vote counts for a lot!  Vote for our proposals and we can dive into these tops and more while in Austin next March! Click on the titles to vote for our sessions.

Learning Together with Collaborative Search - Thomas Squeo

What Does Collaborative Assessment Really Mean?  - Jill Abbott and Panel