Top Apropos Prompts Since June 2014 #edtech #collablearning

We are stoked to see Apropos in use in 7 countries in a variety of education environments.  The top prompts in use have been added as defaults for all educators as seed content.  We plan on continuously adding more and drawing from the community. All can be aligned to the Common Core or Australian National Curriculum.  

Current Prompt Highlights: 

  • The Earth is rotating at very high speeds, turning all the way around every day.  What prevents people from getting dizzy or falling off our planet?
  • How much do we know about each of the planets? Let's collect web pages on the planets and then rate them: 5 stars = I know a lot & 1 star = I don't know anything.
  • Let's talk about some inspiring Olympic athletes or teams.  In small groups, you'll look for one web page to share with the class, and then your team will do a presentation about this page.
  • What will happen if we take the final exam today?  Show me a picture or article to show or describe the consequences.
  • For this class, we need to create a list of news sites that we all read every week so that we can learn from current events.  Let's assemble a list of this sites here.
  • Let's find the best explanation of high fructose corn syrup, how it is made and how it is used in food.
  • Let's find articles that describe or summarize political parties in our nation.  Together, we'll review their objectivity.
  • Find your favorite examples of poetry in movies, music and other sources.

Also available are a series of Idea starters:

  • What are some different types of pollution? Let's find examples of different kinds of pollution and then discuss the impact of each on our world. 
  • Who are some of the greatest inventors of all time? In your comments, remind us of each person's main inventions. 
  • Let's find and compare some opinions on the issue of whaling and whether it should be legal. Look for arguments on all sides of this issue. 
  • Let's search the Web for opinions on Net Neutrality. Let's sort and evaluate the opinions we see. We can also discuss the opinions of not only the authors of these articles but also of the publishers. 
  • What is the single best free website for learning how to play guitar? 
  • What are the best works of art from Picasso? 
  • Let's find the best resources for reviewing the basic rules and theories of geometry. We can assemble them here for later use. 
  • We need a way to remind ourselves of different ecosystems and how they work. Let's collect those resources here. 
  • What would happen if the price of crude oil went above $200 per barrel? 
  • What if air travel became too expensive for almost everyone? What would the world be like if people did not commonly travel long distances in a short time? 
  • Let's tell the story of Thomas Edison's life with a collection of web pages and images. 
  • We have talked a lot about examples of individuals making big and important changes in the world. Let's collect some of our favorite stories about these people. When we are done searching, let's do some presentations on the best stories. 
  • What prevents the world from having a single currency? 
  • Let's share examples of foods, medicines, or behaviors that might prevent cancer. 
  • Now that we are starting a unit on climatology, let's share what we know. Find examples of climates around the world, and we can discuss why these areas have these climates. 
  • Let's start our unit on the properties of light by seeing what we know as a group. Let's share what we know about how light is created, how it moves, and the impact it has on our world. 

Feel free to give Apropos a test drive and take advantage of these and your own prompts.