"Evidence of Learning" and Lifelong Attainment @tytonpartners @gatesed @continuumedu #edtech

How can an institution best represent the career readiness of its graduates?  Going forward along a graduate’s career path, how can an institution endorse and, in turn, learn from the experiences of its alumni?  Going back towards the start of this path, how can an institution incorporate an individual’s experiences in order to admit them in ways that recognize and take advantage of their accomplishments?  Finally, while an individual is in school, how can this person add experiences and demonstrate skills that are not gained in coursework?

These and other questions are addressed in a pair of publications released today.  These Evidence of Learning reports show how concurrent and complimentary efforts in Higher Education, workforce planning, and employee recruitment can be better integrated in service of learners.  It’s about lifelong learning, and it’s even more about lifelong attainment.

Evidence of Learning Framework

Congratulations to Tyton Partners (link to http://tytonpartners.com/) (formerly Education Growth Advisors) and to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  It was a pleasure to serve on this project.