We are transforming education. Above all else, we focus on the learner.

Continuum Education enables learners and empowers educators to establish, make progress and stay connected to personal goals.

We provide a portfolio of learner-enabled products that enhance learning while reporting real-time results. In addition; learners, educators and organizations can leverage existing technologies — with little or no training — and provide enhanced learning pathways.

We Envision

Continuum Education believes that when a learner takes control of their learning, the desire to learn, grow and achieve becomes reality. We see the learner as an individual; uniquely shaped by life experiences, engaged in communities, pursuing personal and professional goals and constantly evolving. These activities and experiences form a rich profile and identity; this is where data lives. We understand what data to collect, when to collect it and how to visually apply the insights that it yields to help people learn. In providing these environments, learners thrive.

We Build

We build tools for educational technology, and enabling personalized learning environments in particular. We provide solutions that shift the focus of education: from a top-down industrialized model to a balance between the goals and desires of the learner and the needs of administration. 

We believe it is important for the learner to establish their voice in the learning process. To accomplish this, learners need to understand and maintain a clear view of their own learning paths, goals and objectives. 

We build products that enable learners and empower educators.

Learn more about our product: Apropos

We Lead

We are uniquely qualified to engage the industry with a collaborative vision for innovation through technology, strategy, policy and instruction. Continuum Education represents the collective insight of over 50 years of experience, and each of the company’s founders brings a distinct and complimentary perspective to our solutions, products and initiatives.

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