Continuum Education enables learners and empowers educators to establish, make progress and stay connected to personal goals.

We provide a portfolio of learner-enabled products that enhance learning while reporting real-time results. In addition; learners, educators and organizations can leverage existing technologies — with little or no training — and provide enhanced learning pathways.


Apropos is a collaborative search activity that has been built to ensure students and teachers can seamlessly blend technology into their classroom lessons.  With Apropos, educators engage their classes with visually rich, problem based, standards aligned activities that inform assignments, augment lesson plans and make online inquiry simple and available on demand. Educational programs gain a collaborative activity tool that enlivens the curriculum and leverages IT investments.

Apropos incorporates collaborative search, discovery and curation of materials in ANY curriculum, supporting ANY standard, using its innovative and easily extended activities.  Using ANY search engine, ANY content repository or ANY web site, learners and educators assign, find and incorporate Apropos on any device. Learners share, take notes, vote and comment on others' submissions directly within the activity.  Educators create their own prompts, choose from the instructional activities or modify the activities. 

Apropos Experience

Apropos Pilot Programs

We are accepting new pilot sites to join our mid-2014 and late-2014 implementations.  We look forward to working with primary, secondary, post-secondary and vocational programs and we're happy to consider alternative pilot formats.

To find out more about our pilot programs or request a product demo, please use the following form:

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